Leaders Are Consistent

Leaders must be consistent in their mood (see Leaders Are Approachable), but that’s only one aspect of the consistency required of leadership. Leaders also must be consistent in their work, life, and everything in between. Simply put, leaders must be consistent.

I have never met someone who didn’t want to be successful. Even the people with the least amount of ambition want to have a successful life, but how is that done? As the quote above states, it’s about being consistent. But what should we be consistent with? It’s true to say that if you’re consistent with unhealthy, unproductive things, you will still be unsuccessful.

We must be consistent in the fundamentals in order to be successful. For leaders specifically, that means waking up every morning ready to serve, learn,and lead. Those three are the fundamentals of leadership. It will look different for each individual, and it will look different for each industry, but the point remains that you must be consistent in the basic fundamentals – the building blocks – of your craft.

For musicians, this may mean running scales or pounding out your rudiments. For plumbers, this may mean studying plumbing layouts again and again. For basketball players, this may be dribbling or throwing from the line. For leaders, this means reading and keeping in practice with leadership principles. Regardless of what you’re doing, this level of consistency is required from everyone in order to be successful at what they do.

One of my favorite leaders to learn from always says, “You can’t have the glory without the grind.” It’s important to grind out each and every day in order to become better at what you do.

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