There’s Something More Important Than Listening. Here’s what and why…

I listened to a podcast by Gary Vaynerchuk today, and he hosted one of my leadership heroes, Simon Sinek. Something they were talking about really stuck out to me, and that is that there is something more important than listening in leadership. That something is being the last to speak.

I’ve been reflecting on this statement for a good part of today and felt I needed to write about it. Here are three of my thoughts.

1. Leadership isn’t about coming up with the solutions. 

We must be secure enough to understand that we won’t have the best answer to everything.

2. Leadership isn’t about domineering a conversation.

If you’re doing a good chunk of the talking, that means you’re not listening. Foster an environment where your people can think and speak without fear of judgment.

3. Leadership isn’t about influencing another person’s idea when you face a problem. 

This is why you speak last. Since you’re in a position of authority, you’re more likely to change your peoples’ minds if you speak first or intermittently. The only thing you should be doing is asking questions to clarify a point.

Do you agree with their point about waiting to speak last? Have you ever felt implicitly influenced by a leader of yours in such a way that you changed your mind about contributing to a solution?

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