3 Things Conflict Resolution is Not (and 3 Things It Is)

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you have probably realized that I talk about trust and conflict management a lot. Here’s another post on conflict.

Truly great leaders are those who are truly great at navigating relational issues. They’re the ones who are not afraid of having the tough talk. I have had many great leaders who have worked tirelessly to make peace, and as we saw in my post about conflict management, this is an area in which I can grow.

Here are three things peacemaking is not:

  1. Peacemaking is not passive. It’s in the word; peace is made, not kept.
  2. Peacemaking is not a form of weakness. Making peace takes real strength. It takes a lot of courage to navigate out into the murky waters of relational issues.
  3. Peacemaking is not manipulation. It’s important to know that in the process of making peace that you are not supposed to be bending wills.

And three things it is:

  1. Peacemaking is necessary. Without someone making peace, your culture will eventually descend into passive-aggressiveness.
  2. Peacemaking is culturally stimulating. Peacemakers are pacemakers. They’re the ones who set what the culture will be like. Whether your culture is open and thriving or closed and stagnant is up to your ability to make peace.
  3. Peacemaking is for everyone. It’s not only up to the figurehead to make peace, but for everyone in the organization. This is setup by the person “in charge.” If the person “in charge” is a peacemaker, it opens up the doors for everyone to be a peacemaker.

Are you a peacemaker? How can you improve your ability to be a peacemaker? How do you feel assertiveness applies to making peace?

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