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How to Tell When Leadership is Lacking

Let’s face it. We’ve all been in a situation where we experienced when leadership is lacking. It could be a boss who wasn’t very good at their job. It could be a manager who never made the switch to being a leader.

If you’re the leader and you’re experiencing a lack in your own leadership, then you’re in good shape. That seems counterintuitive, but if you can tell when your leadership is lacking that means you’re at least self-aware. The next step is to improve your leadership skills.

Here are some surefire ways to tell when leadership is lacking is you or in your organization.

1. Lack of passion in the leader

The easiest way to tell when leadership is lacking in an organization is to start with the leader. Are they as on fire as they were on day one? If not, that’s a warning sign. Passion should not come in short supply when you’re the leader. If you’re seeing a lack of passion in yourself, it’s time to revitalize and learn why you’re doing what you’re doing again.

This is a dangerous place to be. If a leader lacks passion that means that the vision of the organization is not being lived out.

2. Lack of passion in the follower

If the leader is passionate but the followers are not, you have another sign that leadership is lacking. This is usually indicative of a lack of communication of the vision. Followers decided to follow for a reason, and that will typically be because of the vision of the leader and the mission of the organization.

If you notice a lack of passion in the followers of a leader, it’s time to double down on communication. I don’t remember who said it (probably Craig Groeschel) but when you feel like you’ve communicated enough, talk about it again.

3. Lack of results in the organization

If passion is abundant in both follower and leader, the next place that tells us when leadership is lacking is the results from the organization. A leader is responsible for the results an organization is outputting, so if there are mediocre results it is likely a result of mediocre leadership.

Of course, it is possible that the environment will impact results, but it’s still important to analyze the leader’s ability. Typically, a slipping in results will come from a lack of accountability from the leader. Since a leader is held accountable for the results of the people, the people should be held accountable by the leader.

Did I miss anything? What other ways can you tell when leadership is lacking? Have you experienced anything like the above? Leave a comment and let’s discuss!

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