Throne in Heaven [Psalms 103:19 Devotional]

Throne in Heaven [Psalms 103:19 Daily Devotional]

“The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.”

Psalms 103:19

What is this verse about?

The psalmist is writing about the supremacy of the Lord. His throne and his kingdom are high above any earthly thrones or kingdoms. This verse is the author’s response to the power that God has.

Throne in Heaven

Sometimes a verse just isn’t something we can apply to our lives, so it’s important to recognize that. In this case, we could force an application and talk about how worship is the proper response to what the psalmist wrote. But I’d rather just call something out for us to think about and pray about.

If it’s true that God’s throne is in heaven and his kingdom is supreme, what’s holding you back from what God wants you to do? I ask myself that same question; I’m not exempt from the reflection. The Lord reigns above everything in this world and beyond this world. Do your dreams match the power of your God? I encourage you to investigate what plans God has for you (or the plans you want to accomplish) and ask yourself what your next step is.


Thank you, Lord, that you reign above all the chaos in my life. Help me to ask myself the hard questions about why I won’t take the next steps you’ve called me to take. Give me the strength to accomplish what you, the king over all kings, have commanded me to do. In times of doubt, speak clearly to my purpose, and help me walk with you for all of my days. It’s in Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

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