Take Up Your Cross Daily [Galatians 5:24 Devotional]

Take Up Your Cross Daily [Galatians 5:24 Daily Devotional]

“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.”

Galatians 5:24

What is Galatians 5:24 about?

This verse is saying that when someone has accepted Jesus into their life, the sinful nature – the flesh – is crucified with Jesus. Put simply, Jesus took our sin and shame when he was crucified. The “passions and desires” of the flesh were crucified along with it. However, we still have the tension that comes from being human. It is true that we are redeemed by a perfect sacrifice in Jesus, but it’s also true that we have to “take up our cross daily” and follow Jesus (see Luke 9:23). Those sinful desires and passions don’t just disappear overnight.

Take Up Your Cross Daily

What Jesus says in Luke 9:23 is the application of Galatians 5:24. Recognizing that the passions and desires of your flesh will continue to rear their ugly heads is the only way to stay ahead of it. To take up your cross daily is to pray and spend time with God every day. To deny yourself is to serve others and think of them before yourself. Put another way, to take up your cross daily is to live as Jesus lived. He put it all on the line for us, and, though you will most likely never be asked to suffer his level of sacrifice, Jesus tells us to do the same.


Jesus, thank you for your sacrifice on the cross. Help me to live a life that lives up to that level of sacrifice every day. Give me the courage to take up my cross, deny myself, and follow you daily. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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