Trust in the Lord [Isaiah 26:4 Devotional]

Trust in the Lord [Isaiah 26:4 Daily Devotional]

“Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.”

Isaiah 26:4

What is Isaiah 26:4 about?

The prophet Isaiah from the Jewish scriptures is encouraging us today that we can trust in the Lord forever. There’s not a time where God is not faithful. Even as far back as the time of Isaiah, the Lord has never failed and he won’t start now. Isaiah is writing this from a time before Jesus, so the hope he writes about is fulfilled and extended through Jesus’s sacrifice for us on the cross. The hope Isaiah was waiting for is available to us every day.

Trust in the Lord

Just as Isaiah trusted in the Lord before the time of Jesus, you can trust God now. Start by submitting your requests to God through prayer. As I mention all the time, the Lord knows what you need, but he wants to hear you asking for it. This helps align your heart to God’s will for your life. Don’t let the anxieties of life weigh you down, but give them to God.

Another way that you can trust is through your generosity. It’s scary to give money away; trust me, I know. But each time you give, the grip money has on your life loosens. My advice to you here is to first give to your local church before financially supporting any other nonprofit organization. This will help pool the resources of your community to be invested back into your community. If you have the money you want to give away afterward, try to find organizations making an impact in your local area. There’s nothing wrong with giving to national organizations, but this is where I would start if you want to see an impact in your community.


Jesus, thank you that I can trust you fully. I know your faithfulness will never end and you could never fail me. Help me to know what to pray for as I give my anxiety over to you. Give me opportunities to serve my community using my resources and my time. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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