Joyful in Hope [Romans 12:12 Devotional]

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Joyful in Hope [Romans 12:12 Daily Devotional]

“Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

The Apostle Paul, the author of this letter to the church in Rome, is encouraging his church back in ancient Rome. This letter applies to all the New Covenant Church, though, and so it applies to us today. The church in Rome was clearly going through some tough things to cause Paul to write something like this. First, he’s encouraging them to be joyful, patient, and faithful in things that take a long time. Hope takes a while to come to fruition. Affliction is not usually some temporary moment of grief. Prayer is hardly ever answered right away.

Joyful in Hope

Paul is highlighting a tension that you’ve probably faced before. You’re hoping for something in your life to happen, but it just hasn’t yet. Paul would encourage you to have joy in the hope itself. Or maybe you’re in a tough spot, an affliction, and you don’t know your way out. Paul would encourage you to be patient in that affliction. This means that he’s encouraging you not to take the easy way out of your problems. You could be praying for something specific and you still haven’t seen any breakthrough. Paul would tell you to keep praying anyway.

My encouragement to you is the same as Paul’s from back in ancient Rome. Don’t give up. Be joyful, patient, and faithful in your hopes, afflictions, and prayers.


Jesus, thank you for your spirit in me. Because of that spirit, I’m able to have joy in the hopes that haven’t come to pass yet. Because of your spirit, I’m able to remain patient in my afflictions and faithful in my prayers. Give me the strength to continue doing this. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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