Overcoming Troubles [Psalm 34:19 Devotional]

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Overcoming Troubles [Psalm 34:19 Daily Devotional]

“The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all

Psalm 34:19

What’s interesting about this verse is that the psalmist doesn’t even try to sugarcoat the situation. Righteous people will have many troubles. Those who trust in the Lord will still have trouble in this life, there’s no escaping that. This blunt verse is met with a great promise, though – the Lord will deliver those who trust in him from all of that trouble.

Overcoming Troubles

This passage mirrors what Jesus says in the New Testament about us having troubles in this world. Even though there are troubles, you can be encouraged knowing that Jesus has overcome them all. So then, how can you overcome the world and all these troubles? Trust Jesus. You trust Jesus when you do the things he told you to do, which all revolve around caring for your neighbor. I encourage you to get involved with community projects in your area and love the people around you.

Let me be clear about something, though, doing this will not earn you more favor with Jesus. At the same time, not doing this won’t disqualify you from God’s grace. You are not saved by the works you do, but rather, you do the works because you are saved.


Jesus, I thank you for allowing me to do the things you’ve called me to do. Give me the strength to follow you through all of my troubles, and help me to trust you no matter what comes my way. It’s in Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

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