For The Wages of Sin is Death, So Choose The Gift of Life [Romans 6:23 Devotional]

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For The Wages of Sin is Death, So Choose The Gift of Life [Romans 6:23 Daily Devotional]

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

We often find ourselves choosing between the flesh (sin) and the Spirit (God). Paul, the author of this letter to the Romans, is addressing this tension. This verse talks about what each option offers, and it’s clear that living by the Spirit is the winner.

Notice how Paul uses distinct language to describe each option. “Wages” implies you have to work to get the reward while “gift” implies that you don’t have to do anything. If we sow sin, we reap death. However, if we follow Jesus, we reap eternal life.

Wages of Sin or Gift of Life

As the verse says, eternal life is a gift. There’s nothing you can do to earn that gift, but you do have to accept it. You accept the gift of eternal life first by denouncing the “wages of sin” and turn away from a life that leads to death. You can’t live both a life of sin and a life by the Spirit because they are at odds with one another. Because everyone messes up, falls short, and sins against the Lord at times, you can rest assured that Jesus has more than enough grace for you to cover those sins.

Turning away from a life of sin isn’t easy, but it is the first step in accepting God’s gift to you. After you do that, you accept the gift simply by confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart that Jesus is God and was raised from the dead.


Jesus, thank you for the gift of eternal life. Give me the wisdom and courage I need to turn away from the sin that wants to distract me from the life you have planned for me. Help me to live my life fully for you. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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