Sabbath Day [Matthew 11:28 Devotional]

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How to Participate in the Sabbath Day [Matthew 11:28 Daily Devotional]

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

This verse is very timely for me. On a personal note, I struggle with resting and relaxing, so reading this verse makes me squirm a little bit. Maybe you’re like me and you think that you can’t rest because you have so much to do. Jesus knows that, but he’s still telling us to rest. As encouraging as this verse is to those who are overwhelmed, it can feel too good to be true. But Jesus is being very clear here. He wants the weary, burdened, and overwhelmed to come to him so he can give them (you and me) peace and rest.

How to Participate in the Sabbath Day

I like to work. I enjoy my job, and I enjoy picking up side work. These are both good things, and I encourage you to do your work and whatever else you put your hand to with excellence. There is a point, though, where even something as good as work can become a hindrance or even an addiction. That’s where Matthew 11:28 comes in.

Jesus is inviting you to lay aside your work to find your rest and peace in him. How do you do that? It’s through Sabbath that you can rest in Jesus, find peace for your soul, and break the bondage work and busyness have on your life. This is something new that I’m going to try as well, so, full disclosure, this is the one recommendation I’m making that I don’t currently do.

Sabbath is just an Old Testament word used to describe a period of no work and all rest. If you don’t know where to start, I invite you to join me starting Friday at sunset until Saturday at sunset. I’m simply turning off my electronics and enjoying time with friends and family. I will read, play music, exercise, think, pray, and read my Bible. My daily devotionals are scheduled ahead of time, so you can still enjoy those during that Sabbath time if you choose to.

I think this will be a great time of growth for you and for me, so I really hope you’ll participate in Sabbath with me.


Jesus, thank you for the rest that you promised me. Help me through rest and Sabbath to find peace in you. When boredom strikes or distraction tries to snap me out of rest, give me the strength to focus back in on you. It’s in Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

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