May the Lord Bless You [Numbers 6:24 Devotional]

May the Lord Bless You devotional cover image. a forest trail with the words "i pray that the lord will bless and protect you" written in the center.

May the Lord Bless You [Numbers 6:24 Daily Devotional]

“The Lord bless you and keep you”

Numbers 6:24

This verse is a part of a bigger prayer from ancient Israeli culture. What this verse is saying is that the speaker is blessing God’s people and asking for his protection over them. It’s a simple prayer, but it’s powerful nonetheless.

May the Lord Bless You – Application

Since the Lord already blesses you and protects you, the application of this verse isn’t what the verse says. You should absolutely pray blessings and protection over others, but this verse is specifically praying that blessing over you. What that means, then, is that you should live out this life of blessing and protection.

Live a life of blessing by blessing others. No matter your circumstance, God has given you so much. I don’t know if that’s something tangible like wealth and resources or something intangible like an encouraging spirit. Regardless, you have been blessed with a lot, so I encourage you to bless others with whatever you’ve been given.

Live a life of protection by protecting others. It’s easy to fall into gossip but resist that temptation. Be people’s biggest defender and pray for others instead of harming them with your words.


Jesus, thank you for blessing me. Help me to use the resources, skills, and talents you’ve given me to bless others and protect them. Give me the courage to stop gossip and instead defend and pray for people. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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