Love One Another [1 John 4:11 Devotional]

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How to Love One Another [1 John 4:11 Daily Devotional]



“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.”

1 John 4:11

Jesus left us a simplified set of commands before he ascended into heaven. These new commands were meant to provide us with a way to show love to him and to the Father, and they were all about helping and loving people. John writes a reinforcement to that concept here in this verse. Because God loved us, we should love others.

How to Love One Another

I don’t normally like to make things feel like obligations when I write. However, John uses “ought” here, which obligates you and me to this command that came directly from Jesus. There’s no getting around this central command.

Showing your love for God used to be simply vertical. If you were “holy” and if you provided the proper sacrifices, it was believed that God would bless you and make you prosper and bring you closer to him. Through Jesus, that’s no longer the case. Jesus made “holiness” horizontal. That means that it’s now more important for us to take care of each other and show love for the people around us.

Jesus continuously served and prayed for people, so if you’re wondering where you should start, that’s what I would recommend. Find people in your sphere of influence who need help and serve them. Ask the Lord to give you the vision to see those around you who could use your help, and then act on it.


Jesus, I thank you for simplifying your commands into one simple statement: love others. Help me to always consider other people’s needs and serve them whenever I have the opportunity. Give me the patience to allow myself to be interrupted from my busy schedule so I can help those around me. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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