His Word is a Lamp [Psalm 119:105 Devotional]

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His Word is a Lamp [Psalm 119:105 Daily Devotional]



“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”

Psalm 119:105

God’s word is good for informing our direction, and this verse just reinforces that truth. Lamps don’t light very far, but they do give enough light to take a few steps confidently in the right direction. The psalmist is reflecting on the value of the Jewish scriptures back before Jesus came to fulfill them. The recorded words of Jesus provide us with a new place to draw inspiration from.

His Word is a Lamp – Applied

Jesus came to give you a full life, and the best way to walk in that life is to do what he said. If you want to know what he said, you’ve got to read what was written. This is what the psalmist is getting at in this verse. Through the recorded sayings of Jesus, you have the literal word of God at your fingertips, and you can access it anywhere at any time.

This means that if you want your path to be lit up, you’ll need to read your Bible. I encourage you to start in Luke and then go to Acts. The same person wrote these books and give a full account of Jesus and the events shortly after his resurrection. If you’re new to reading your Bible, don’t feel overwhelmed, but rather start small with a couple of verses a day. Read the Bible for transformation, not information, and take your time as you let the words of Jesus guide your steps in this next season of your life.

Alongside reading your Bible, you can experience the words of God by praying. It may not be an audible voice, but you can certainly “feel” God speaking to you in response to your prayers. It’s through those nudges that God will guide you as you navigate life.

Again, my encouragement to you is to start small and build from there. Don’t pressure yourself to read even a chapter a day. Start small with a couple of verses, and grow from there.


Jesus, thank you for your recorded word. Transform me by the daily reading of your life and ministry. Give me the strength I need to stick to a routine of reading your word so that I can have a clear picture of the path around me. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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