Cast Your Cares on the Lord [Psalm 55:22 Devotional]

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How to Cast Your Cares on the Lord [Psalm 55:22 Daily Devotional]



“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Psalm 55:22

The psalmist is writing about the neverending faithfulness of God. Now that we’re under his new covenant brought to us by Jesus, we can replace “righteous” with “those who believe in Christ.” While righteousness is good, it’s not necessarily the goal. Belief in Christ is what produces righteousness, so that should be the goal. The point remains, though. We can cast our cares on God and he will give us strength.

How to Cast Your Cares on the Lord

Jesus is recorded saying that you should come to him when you are weary and weak, and this is what the psalmist is essentially saying here. Instead of trying to persevere on our own strength, we can rest in God knowing that he will sustain us. If you believe in Christ, you will be given the strength you need to persevere in every circumstance because he will be there with you.

You can cast your cares onto God simply by journaling and praying. I love journaling because it helps me to get my thoughts out on paper. If you’re like me, your thoughts can just start to jumble up in your mind unless you do something to organize them. Writing in a journal allows you to do that and then reflect back in a few months to see what God was doing in your life at that time.

Prayer centers your heart back to Jesus. It reminds you that Jesus is your sustainer, not your own willpower. Working on willpower alone will eventually lead to burnout. Before that happens, let God know what’s weighing you down. Yes, he already knows, but he loves to hear your voice.

You may have another way you like to give God what’s worrying you. I gave two examples knowing there would be a million more, so if you have something you like to do, I encourage you to keep doing it! No matter what, though, continue to give your worries and concerns to God because he cares and will help you push through even the most trying of circumstances.


Jesus, I thank you that you are always there for me. Help me to recognize when and how you’re moving in my life. When I’m confused, help me to journal and organize my thoughts while reflecting on your goodness. When troubles come my way, remind me of the power of prayer. It’s in your name I pray, amen.

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