Be Humble [Ephesians 4:2 Devotional]

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How to Be Humble [Ephesians 4:2 Daily Devotional]



“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Ephesians 4:2

Paul is writing this encouragement for the church he planted in the city of Ephesus, but it applies to us today. Since we live in the new covenant that Paul so fervently defended and pushed forward, everything he wrote is still applicable to us. Here he’s reminding us to be humble and gentle. These are both characteristics that Jesus modeled for us all throughout the gospels and I want to take the next two devotionals to cover them in turn.

Humility leads to gentleness, and Jesus showed us how to do this when he decided that he would serve rather than demand to be served. With Jesus as our example, we can learn how to be humble.

How to Be Humble

Paul addresses this in Ephesians 4:2, as well. To be humble means to bear with one another in love. To “bear with” someone usually means that it takes work to be patient with them. This is not something that is going to come naturally, but bearing with people in love is exactly what Jesus did.

You and I have the benefit of hindsight when it comes to Jesus’s ministry, but the disciples appear to be clueless all throughout the gospels. Jesus, instead of abandoning his disciples to find sharper tools for his kingdom, was patient with the people he had chosen because he knew that they would be the ones to change the world.

In the same way that Jesus was patient with the people around him, it’s important for you to do the same. Instead of getting impatient, humble yourself enough to help lead the people around you. In humility, serve the people around you even when they don’t do what you think they should be doing. It’s in these moments that you truly act as Jesus did.


Father, help me to humble myself. Teach me to be patient with those around me, always encouraging them and building them up in love. When others annoy me, give me the strength I need to slow down and remember the love you showed me so I can show that same love to them. It’s in Jesus’s name I pray, amen.

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