Devotion for Today

Devotion for Today

Taking the wording of “devotion for today” literally, you can find daily devotionals right here on my website. Today’s devotional will be at the top. That may be all you’re looking for, and I hope you find it encouraging and that you’ll subscribe to my mailing list of daily devotionals.

Some of you may be asking a more specific question, though: “How can I find a devotion for today?” Today as in the present. In other words, “where can I find a daily devotional that applies to my life as it is currently?” I hope I have an answer to that.

My Devotion for Today

I put out a new devotional every day in the hopes that I can provide value to you. I go beyond just reading a passage and leaving it at that, leaving you on your own to figure out what to do with it. It’s important you develop that skill, but not everyone is there. I take a verse each day and break down a couple of things I noticed about it and then take time to make suggestions on how to apply it to your life. It’s more than just encouragement; it’s practical.

I like to think that I’m not out of touch with the world, too. While I may not be able to relate to everyone’s circumstances, I try to keep my applications broad enough that most people can use them that very same day. I try to make my daily devotionals both simple and relevant.

I also try to make my devotions short. Another reason I consider my daily devotionals a devotion for today is because I know you’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. It’s important that if you’re going to spend your time reading anything on the internet, it needs to be quick and impactful. I hope that’s something I can provide.

If this is something you’re interested in, please subscribe using the form below or check out my daily devotions.

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